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Moving a business to Bucksport from Eastport

The process of moving a business to a new location is challenging. The physical move of finding a new location and moving all your inventory is difficult to accomplish. Once moved, you need to consider informing your current and new customers of your new location so they may find you!

The primary information you need to update is your company Name, Address, & Phone Number (NAP). Your NAP is used on by internet map sites to allow smart devices to navigate to your new location. Let's follow along the process we used to Smart DataMap our client "Port O' Call", a gift shop who recently moved to Bucksport, Maine.

For an existing business, the most important item of your NAP, by far is the Phone Number. The phone number is used a the primary index for internet citations. The Phone Number is also used to verify new citations and to change existing citations, so keep your current phone number if you ever move your business! (or purchase an existing business)

As an existing business, Port O' Call has existing citations, which already drive internet traffic to the business, so we want to retain and update all of them. Smart DataMap Services ran a Citation Report find them. The report shows inconsistencies in Name, Address, & Phone Number (NAP).
Citation ReportOnce identified, the process of Data Mapping the existing citations and creating new citations can begin. Data Mapping involves updating both the "Data" i.e. the information about the business NAP and also business categories and other operational data about the business e.g. Open hours and type of products. "Mapping" makes sure the business is located correctly on the various internet maps. Let's look at some examples:
Google Maps

Google Maps is a very popular internet mapping service. The map tag shows the name "Port O' Call", a street view which unfortunately is only updated every few years, some nice Photos, Ratings, the Category "Gift Shop" with hours of operation, a button to call the Phone Number and Directions button to navigate to the shop.

Another citation which is high on the list for new businesses to an area is the local Chamber of Commerce. The Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce (BBACC) represents businesses in the town of Bucksport. The BBACC displays both data on their website and they have a custom business locator map produced by Smart DataMap Services. Both data and map location were updated for Port O' Call's move to Bucksport.
While many businesses know about Google Maps, it's important to realize other maps are used as well. You need to be accurate on all the internet maps for navigation to your place of business. Facebook is another high value citation for businesses, listing a wealth of business data and showing a map location. Facebook uses "Here" maps to for location.
FB uses HERE mapsOther sites may use an overlay of business locations in conjunction with a base map. The Maine Office of Tourism's (MOT) displays only the businesses that have registered with MOT. In this case, nearby businesses also are displayed. For tourists planning a trip to Bucksport to shop at Port O' Call, they can also see a good place to eat at Carrier's Mainely Lobster, who is also registered on the MOT site.
Visit Maine and Port O' Call

Smart DataMap Services"pinpoints your location & business information... so customers can navigate through your door". Whatever your business, contact Smart DataMap Services for a Citation Report and to have your Data Map optimized. Email us today or call 207-619-3380.

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