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Google is asking your Customers about your Business

Google has changed the method to update information about your business.

Since 2008, Google Mapmaker has been the tool used to define the underlying maps on which business place information was displayed. Edits were performed on Mapmaker by registered users and reviewed by a team of humans for accuracy. Apparently, the edits on Google Maps didn't happen with the frequency and quantity Google was looking for. Google Mapmaker is being retired March 31, 2017.

In it's place,  Google Maps on desktops and both Android and Apple smart devices will allow edits to be performed by people while physically visiting the place of business or seeking it out on their desktop. Instead on waiting for the business owner to populate Google Maps with their information, Google is soliciting the information they want from anyone visiting the place of business. Using location based technology, when Google senses they are at a place on Google Maps, they will send them a message to add information including review, photos and actually ask them specific questions about the business.

Google wants to know detail like....."Does this place serve alcohol?", "Is this a good place for small plates or tapas?", "Is this place good for groups?" and many more.

As an incentive to get users to assist Google with this process, Google has introduced the "Local Guides" program giving points for various edits. As points accumulate, Google rewards the Local Guides with incentives like storage space on Google drive.

This change from Google Mapmaker means edits to your business may happen very quickly based on general user input (Crowdsourcing) instead of coming from the business owner in a moderated fashion. This method works well in populated areas where the correct information filters to the top. In rural areas like Maine, it means a single guest to your business may skew the information about your business.

It is very important for the business owner to monitor their Google Place information for accuracy.
Smart DataMap Services pinpoints your location & business information... so customers can navigate through your door. To learn how to stay ahead of Google's new datamapping process, contact us at 207-619-3380 or

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