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Smart DataMapping a Festival

Smart DataMap Services specializes in pinpointing location and business information, so customers can navigate to a specific business. One of their services is producing “Smart Maps” to display this business information on an interactive map. Smart DataMap Services has produced Smart Maps for Belfast area events like “New Years By the Bay” and “Winter Whoopla”, showing places of business which are also event venues.

The Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) wanted to enhance the experience for both the attendees and exhibitors for the 2019 Arts In The Park event. BACC contacted member Smart DataMap Services to develop a special Smart Map for the event.

On a standard Smart Map, the locations are physical facilities, e.g. “Belfast City Free Library”. For the Arts In The Park festival, the "location" is a 10’x10’ booth with a temporary location for the duration of the event, arranged in rectangular pattern and identified with a booth number. The "business information" is the Name of the Artist, the Type of Art, and the internet presence preferred by each artist (e.g. a website, a Facebook page, or a sales site), which is unique for each artist at each booth. The booths are arranged at Steamboat Landing in Belfast, Maine. In addition to the artists booths, the location of other activities like information booth, food vendors and restrooms needed to be shown on the map.

You Are HereSmart DataMap Services was provided a previous version of the map as a guide. Here’s how it looked before. One design criterion was to have a printable version of the map as well as the Smart Map.

Smart Maps provide features not possible with paper maps. Accessed with a Smart Device, which includes GPS, your location is shown on the You Are HereSmart Map so you know where you are relative to the numbered booth locations.

Artists are assigned to a numerical booth, as well as a category (e.g. Ceramics, Fiber & Mixed Media, Jewelry, Metal- Stone- Sculpture, Painting, Photos & Prints, or Wood). Artists may then be found by searching the Smart Map for Booth #, or Artist Name, or Category.

You Are Here

Once a specific Artist is found, ALL the information about that artist is displayed, Artist, Booth #, Category, and Website/ Facebook Link. The Smart Map can now Navigate the customer directly to the booth they are looking for.The Link provides a direct connection to the internet presence of that specific artist, so a potential customer can get more information about the artist, which they may save for future reference. When an attendee wants to revisit the artist for additional purchases, they have their link!

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A Smart Map extends the exposure of each artist to attendees of Arts In the Park. By visiting the Smart Map guests experience a virtual art show before the actual event to see who will be displaying. During the show, the Smart Map may be used to search for specific artists or all artists of a specific category. By using a Smart Device, the Smart Map allows attendees to navigate them to the artist they are looking for.

After the show is completed, the Smart Map allows attendees and those unable to attend to shop the web for artists by the internet presence attached to each artist.

Once completed, the Smart Map can exported with it’s graphics, for printing. Here’s the printable version and a LINK to the Arts In The Park 2019 Smart Map.


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