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Use It or Lose It: Big Changes to Business Listings

BIG In the early days of DataMapping, it was enough to create a listing with the "Set It and Forget It" attitude. Once listed, your listing would be seen by internet searches and drive customers to your business website.

With the increasing use of Smartphones and GPS Navigation, each site struggled with accuracy. Better data meant more visitors to each site. More visitors meant more potential for advertising revenue. The sites began getting the owners to "verify" their business listing, both for data and map location accuracy. This was step toward more accurate business listings.

With the increased use of the internet for business searches more and more sites were created, each site required the business to spend more time. Soon, businesses couldn't keep up and sites were not being kept current.

So the business sites started asking the CUSTOMERS for information about the business. Now, while customers are situated at your business location, they are asked for information. If the owner is inattentive, they will LOSE CONTROL of their business data!

The new motto for Data Mapping is "Use It or Lose It! "

Here are some top sites you need to Use or Lose.

1. ~ In an effort to ensure current business listings, the Maine Office of Tourism has DELETED inactive listings from Are you even listed? If your business wants tourists for customers, you want to be on this site.

2. ~ With "Check-In" capability from your customers GPS presence in your business, Facebook asks YOUR CUSTOMERS questions about your business hours of operation and types of business services. Facebook will send messages about changes to the page administrator, however, the changes are published if you don't reply!

3. Google My Business (GMB) ~ GMB contains both data about your business and it's Map location. Also, enabled with GPS "Check-In" capability, GMB, like Facebook, asks your customers. Your GMB site will get messages about changes, however,  the changes are published if you don't reply!
GMS Suggest Edits

In addition, Google and GMB have implemented SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for website security. This means your website needs another layer of security for Google to pass it to Google searches. If you choose not to, Google now flags your site as "Not secure" . This by itself will discourage visits to your site!

Google is also rolling out MAJOR impacts to your website. Non SSL websites will have traffic to them blocked. No more having your business website in Google Searches. Your business website will even be REMOVED from your GMB listing.
To keep you business current or even listed on the many internet sites available, you must interact with them on a  regular basis.

Smart DataMap Services provides assistance in keeping your listings current. Our monthly monitoring reports will tell you all activity happening on all your DataMap sites.

Contact us for assistance via email or call us at 207-619-3380.

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