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Navigating New Years Eve

      New Years By the Bay 2018 in Belfast, ME, celebrates 21 years. From their website: "This is a yearly town-wide grass roots celebration that takes place on New Year’s Eve. NYBB 2018 is a chem-free, family oriented, affordable, cultural celebration of the New Year that takes place from 2:00pm till 12:30am., mostly in 8 indoor venues within walking distance, showcasing a wide variety of live performances, as well as several dance bands. Admission is by purchasing a NYBB 2018 Adult or Youth/Student Button to wear. Under 5 years are free."

Navigating between venues is done mostly by walking. Discovering Belfast is a treat, although something of a challenge to visitors new to Belfast. In years past a handy pocket map was the NYBB guide. For 2018 a new map is being introduced, a SmartMap.

SmartMaps are SmartPhone friendly, portraying the both venue location and information about the events happening there.

By picking the venue location on your phone, visitors may see which events are happening at that venue.

In addition, information about the venue is shown via the event icon.

Icons represent:
Event Venues
Event Venues with Food
Chem free Food Vendors
and more...

At the Belfast Boathouse, we can see there will be a Steel Drums at 7pm, we'd like to head over...

Once an icon is chosen, a SmartMap allows "Navigation" from where you are to the location of the icon. From our location at NYBB headquarters, the Parent Gallery, we can see it will take us 8 minutes to walk over to the Belfast Boathouse. Let's GO!

You're welcomed to celebrate New Years By The Bay 2018 in Belfast, ME, US.

Choose your preferred map:

SmartMap or Traditional Map

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