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New Google "Posts"
8/15/2017 Smart DataMap Services

*****UPDATE 9/14/17*****
After posting to our
Google My Business page, we were curious how our interaction from our Google audience would be affected. We are pleased to report, from our monthly report from Google, that our interaction is UP from 500%-600%. Google responds to fresh content and that reflects in more people asking directions and visiting our website. Google Posts are a great investment of our time!

Posting to Facebook is well known to many social media users. It's a great way to get out a message about what's going on with you personally on Facebook or Facebook Business Pages allow businesses to post message to potential customers.

For businesses, most searches from new customers are done on Google. Your first impression to a potential customer is from their search. Now Google is allowing "Posts" on your Google My Business page. (Your Google business listing is located at the upper right of search results.) It is among the first descriptions a new customer may see about your business. Up to now it contained only information like Name, Address, Phone, & Website (NAP).

Now, Google is allowing "Posts" to your business listing. Below your business information is a section where you may post messages about your business, e.g. content from your newsletter or even Facebook posts. These messages may change at your discretion.

When a potential customers clicks for "Learn more" they are directed to a specific link where additional messaging may be offered. You may wish to link to the full article on your blog or newsletter or direct viewers to a specific location on your website.

Each post is saved to your Google listing, providing a mini newsletter style of presentation.

To get your message into Google searches, check out Google Posts. For assistance with Google My Business and other DataMapping issues, give us a call at 207-619-3380 or email

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